The 3rd Annual East Coast All-Stars Undulating Abdomen Show of Doom!

Alternacirque, Columbia, South Carolina’s lovable band of circus misfits, is planning big for their fourth season, which begins in March 2011. We are already rehearsing and creating bigger and more ambitious shows, learning new skills, talking to larger venues and plotting a handful of tour dates throughout the southeast. We’re kicking off the new year with our third annual East Coast All-Star shows, nicknamed the Shows of Doom: due to over-capacity support in previous years, we’re splitting the event this year into two fundraiser shows on Friday, January 28th and Saturday, January 29th, featuring Alternacirque and bellydancers and musicians from across the country. Funds from these shows will assist Alternacirque in purchasing a mobile stage, lighting and sound equipment, costuming and insurance.

On Friday, January 28th:
The Bellydance Show of Doom
8:00 PM
CMFA Black Box, 914 Pulaski Street, Columbia, SC
All ages, $10. Advanced ticket sales available soon.

Join Delirium Tribal and Alternacirque as we host many of our favorite bellydancers and musicians in an all-star gala on the CMFA stage. We are very lucky this year to have several musicians making the trek to Columbia to provide live accompaniment to the dance companies in the latter half of the evening. Current roster includes:

Delirium Tribal
Aaron White
Serpentine Bellydance Company (Columbia, SC)
Asharah (Columbia, SC)
Awalim Dance Company (Atlanta, GA)
Majda (Atlanta, GA)
Teejei (Atlanta, GA)
Christy Smith (Atlanta, GA)
Ananda Dance Company (Knoxville, TN)
Fierce Fusion (Augusta, GA)
Mahsati Janan (Asheville, NC)
Asim (Greenville, SC)
Maria and Sipi of Biz’Cirque (Knoxville, TN)
Brandy White of Bellymuse and Discordia Arts (Greenville, SC)
August Hoerr of the Mezmer Society (Asheville, NC)
Darbuka Dave Machek (Huntsville, AL)
Denys Proteau (Columbia, SC)
Robert Gowan of Discordia Arts and Wasted Wine (Greenville, SC)
Tim Rayborn (Berkeley, CA)

And more in negotiation…..

On Saturday, January 29th:
The Circus and Shorkestra Show of Doom
10:00 PM
The Art Bar, 1211 Park Street, Columbia SC
21+, $5. Tickets available at the door.

Hide your kids, hide your wife. Alternacirque takes the stage in a variety show format that, rumor has it, will showcase all the stuff we’re not allowed to perform elsewhere, including circus party game Kraken Circus Jenga and Darbuka Dave’s staplegun raffle. Starting at midnight, the infamous Day Late and Dollar Shorkestra, the southeast bellydance community’s inebriated pickup Balkan jam band, will commence a dance party that will have you removing articles of clothing and singing in several different languages. Audience participation and dressing up is encouraged.

For more information, please contact Alternacirque Direktor Natalie Brown at or at (803) 71-BELLY.

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